The Podiatrist Parramatta is located in the city of Parramatta on the east coast of Sydney Australia. This medical centre is a small scale clinic run by two doctors, one of them a senior doctor and the other, a podiatrist. The doctors here aim at providing high quality health care for their patients. They provide all kinds of services to the patients such as examination, diagnosis, treatment and follow up care. This medical centre has been running for almost 15 years already, so, you can be sure that they know what they are doing.

Rules Not To Follow About Podiatrist Parramatta

Most people come to this podiatrist clinic seeking a simple check up, but, there are also patients who come for a regular examination. A podiatrist here is different from other doctors because, they have many extra services available for their patients. These services include x-rays, diagnostic tests, computerized tomography (CT) scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan and bone scan. These diagnostic tests help them determine the right treatment plan for their patients. The most common ailments treated here include foot pain, muscle strain, fractures, stress fractures and ankle sprains.

The care provided at the podiatrist office of Parramatta includes diagnosis and treatment of all sorts of ailments related to the feet. If a patient comes with a foot pain, they are referred to the podiatrist. When it comes to x-rays, the doctor at this centre can take both positive and negative images of the foot to help in diagnosis. Computerized tomography scan will show details of any abnormalities in the bones. Magnetic resonance imaging helps to examine the joints of the foot and identify problems related to the nerves.

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