tca partners

TCA Partnership is a private company that offers tax consultation and tax audit services to many non-profit organizations. Most TCA Partners LLP clients are small specialty clinics and medical facilities and centers with revenues ranging up to $14 million annually. TCA Partner tax consultants help these organizations with strategies to minimize their tax liabilities and maximize their tax advantages. They also help them with strategies to increase their income tax revenues and reduce their tax burdens. They also help them with compliance requirements and regulatory advice and assist them in implementing and planning the strategy for compliance.

Audits by TCA Partners

The TCA Partnership is not an IRS employer, but it does work in coordination with the IRS, and it will consult with the client on a variety of issues that pertain to the non-profit status of the client. The TCA operates two main tax audits programs, the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and the Certified Fraud Examiner (CE). Each of these programs has its own unique characteristics, including the types of audits they offer, the qualifications of their auditors, and their proposed audit strategy.

TCA’s CPA programs focus on providing comprehensive audits covering a wide variety of issues. CPA audits are generally more technical and complex than the audits provided by the other two auditing programs. The CE program, by contrast, is focused more on non-profit status determination. In addition to having broad knowledge of tax law, the CE’s have strong credentials in accounting, finance, auditing, and counseling. The goal for both the TCA and the other auditing programs is to provide comprehensive services to their clients and to ensure that the client receives maximum benefits.

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