If you are planning to purchase a hospital bed for your home, there are several factors you should consider before making your final decision. A hospital bed is an essential piece of equipment for recovery from surgery, and it can also help the patient retain their independence. The bed allows for increased mobility and independence, and reduces the complications that can arise from prolonged bed rest. Some of the most important features of a hospital bed are its electric rising backrest and safety features.

The Truth About Important Features Of Hospital Beds

A hospital bed’s safety and functionality is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a bed. There are many features available that make them the right choice for the patient, and there are models that are more suitable for homes or assisted living facilities. A full electric bed is equipped with adjustable back and knee parts, and the frame can be elevated or lowered to provide a comfortable sleeping environment. For instance, the Med-Mizer ActiveCare SafeTurn bed’s pivot frame allows the patient to transition from a seated position to a flat position. Its stand assist mechanism helps the patient get up and move around easily.

There are also manual and electric hospital beds. These beds are operated electronically, and usually come with a remote control. The remote controls the height and other settings of the bed. They can also be manually adjusted, but the remote can be used only by caregivers, since it may be harmful to the patient’s health. If the patient can’t use a remote control, the bed’s controls are located on the side of the bed.

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