The Garden Building Company is an active business incorporated on 22 December 1998 having the main registered office based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. The Garden Building Company Ltd was established to build gardens and associated buildings at a cost that is fair to all involved, both local residents and the owners of the projects. The company strives to maintain high standards of quality throughout its operations. The Company prides itself on its ability to achieve an excellent record of satisfied customers.

An Outline About Garden Building Company

The main projects of the Garden Building Company are garden buildings, associated buildings, and also deck-houses and patio buildings. The company undertakes all the planning, engineering and procurement of suitable materials, securing the required planning authority and then delivering the products to the client, ensuring their compliance to local planning legislation and providing full support to their clients throughout the installation process, from the planning stage to the completion of the project. The Company provides its full range of services relating to garden construction, associated buildings and finishing to the designing, building and installation of solar heating systems and solar electric panels. They also offer their portfolio of commercial paving, brick work, decking, and associated works to meet the varying requirements of both domestic and commercial properties.

The Company has made many advances over the years to make sure that customer requirements are met and the services they offer are always satisfactory. The most recent advancement to their service is the installation of high quality electric lighting, designed and fitted to individual garden room companies or bespoke garden rooms. This has made it much easier and more cost effective for people to install lighting, as it requires very little technical skill to do so. This has led to an increased demand for bespoke garden room companies and more room companies offering all bespoke garden room services. It is hoped that this development will increase the competition between the different garden room companies and result in more competitive pricing.

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