The Artisan Gin is making in Croatia, utilizing vacuum distilling technology for complete flavor extraction. Traditional distillation methods lose flavor in the finished beverage because of its high boiling point, leaving behind a metallic aftertaste. This beverage is highly prized in Europe and is often called a Gevalia (Croatian word for gin) or a Drnic. It is not as common in the United States as it is in Europe, but there are a few bars that serve it. It was named after a Venetian doctor and his clinic.

How to Know About Croatian Gin Rummy

artisan gin

Because of its botanical mix, which has been carefully selected from all around the world, the artisan gin is an exceptionally good drink. The botanical blend used in making this Gin Rummy features a blend of blue vervain, lemon balm, elderberry, and juniper berries. All of these botanical ingredients contribute to its distinct flavor, making it distinctively different than any other gin on the market. Because it is so popular in Europe and the United States, the artisan gin is quite expensive, sometimes costing thousands of dollars.

Although the flavor of the gin is completely different than the traditional gin, both contain gin botanicals that are quite similar. It is made with high-quality botanicals grown in the finest vineyards in the Croatian countryside, away from industrial pollution, and with a special vacuum distillation method that leaves a fresh, almost floral flavor. Because it takes such care and effort to make this type of gin, the price is always very reasonable. It is the unique quality of the gin, coupled with its exceptional flavor, that has led to its popularity.

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