What Is an Onsite Health Check?

onsite health checks

Most people have heard the term, but few know exactly what onsite health checks entail. Health check refers to an examination and collection of urine and blood samples for analysis. Such services offer immediate identification of potential problems and offer ideas for positive life changes.

How to Know About an Onsite Health Check?

Employee wellness programs are designed to help improve the health of employees while allowing them to work productively. This is accomplished through onsite health screening, which provides employees with a simple way to track their general wellbeing, assess their health risks, and take necessary steps toward improved health. Such services also help employees understand their own personal strengths and weaknesses and help them build on those strengths in order to increase their productivity. Through employee wellness programs, employers can provide opportunities for physical activity, relaxation, and stress management. Additionally, such screenings can identify any potential threats to a person’s well-being, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, or heart disease.

Some employers offer onsite health checks as part of their wellness plans. Usually, they require employees to take these services free of charge, but may charge for other aspects of a wellness program, including access to medical professionals. Many employee wellness programs are implemented as part of a comprehensive wellness plan, which may include an overall exercise program, cholesterol control, stress management, and diet recommendations. A well-balanced individual plan can help ensure that the needs of its participants are met and that the resources of the organization are utilized efficiently. These services can provide many positive benefits to an organization and should be considered as an integral part of any comprehensive health plan.